Formula 1 Vs. NASCAR
Published: January 6, 2023

For thrill-seekers of all kinds, auto-racing is sure to entertain and excite. Two of the most popular types of racing in motorsports are NASCAR and Formula 1. While both sports share similarities, namely racing teams racing high-speed cars around race tracks, NASCAR and Formula 1 certainly have their differences. 

Formula 1 Vs. NASCAR

While Formula 1 and NASCAR have some vast differences, there are a couple of similarities that both sports have in common, and are worth discussing. One of the biggest similarities that NASCAR and Formula 1 share is the use of teams. Both sports require a large supporting team made up of mechanics, directors, managers, engineers, and of course the drivers. It may come as a surprise to some that both teams employ a couple of drivers and not just one driver per team. Both auto races are truly team sports in that there are championships for not just the drivers but also the teams that support them.  

Another similarity that NASCAR and Formula One share are that both auto races are high-grossing sports that attract major revenue throughout their long seasons. NASCAR and Formula One have seasons lasting a good majority of the year, each pulling in massive revenues. Much of the money comes from not just the attendees of the races but also from private sponsors since NASCAR and Formula One car require multi-millions to build and maintain. 

Differences Between NASCAR and Formula One

Formula One and NASCAR certainly share their similarities. However, there are far more differences between the two auto-races than there are similarities. We’ll begin with probably the most obvious difference: the cars. 

Both NASCAR and Formula One employ two very different cars. NASCAR uses heavier stock cars whereas Formula One uses lighter, more aerodynamic open-wheel cars. That being said, NASCAR stock cars are based on their street counterparts and have bumpers, fenders, and a body that resembles a four-person Sedan. Formula One car on the other hand is built from the ground up and in no part resembles their stock-car counterpart. In addition, NASCAR vehicles follow the  “Car of Tomorrow” template and are built essentially the same, which helps even the playing field. Formula One car differ in that each car is unique and built independently by each team. 

Differences: The Track

One of the other most notable differences between Formula One and NASCAR is the types of tracks that each auto-race use. For instance, NASCAR races are only held in the U.S. and Canada and vary in length, using a short and a long track. Depending on the long or short track, NASCAR teams will use different cars, one specialized for the short track and another for the long track. Formula One tracks, however, are much different than the typical NASCAR track in that no two tracks are remotely similar. Formula One tracks often have winding curves and narrow turns with some long high-speed strips, whereas NASCAR mainly races on ovular tracks; however, some tracks have left/right turns. 

Learning More With IMHOF

As we’ve previously discussed, some of the main differences between NASCAR and Formula One include the car designs, namely the open-wheel Formula One cars and the stock car model that NASCAR uses. 

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