HA Wheeler
Humpy Wheeler International Motorsports Hall of Fame

Class of 2006

For close to three decades, H. A. “Humpy” Wheeler has been the innovative president and general manager of Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte.  Using his own style of entertainment promotion and his extensive motorsports background, Wheeler has helped make LMS one of the premier racing facilities in the world. 

Under Wheeler’s direction, the speedway was the first to utilize an advanced lighting system to host night races, was the first to offer extensive VIP Suites and condominiums, as well as extravagant pre-race shows. 

Wheeler has worked as a sports writer, a television director and operated several dirt tracks.  He was also the Director of Racing at Firestone Rubber & Tire Co. during its most visible years in the sports.

Among his numerous awards, Wheeler has been honored as the National Auto Racing Promoter of the Year, the Hugh Deery Award for outstanding service to the motorsports industry, and the Bill France Award for outstanding achievement in auto racing.

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